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80 Watt LED Nail Lamp 

Achieve salon-worthy nails with the SUN X10 MAX UV LED Nail Lamp. This revolutionary nail lamp brings the expertise of a professional nail technician to your fingertips. Designed to deliver efficient and precise nail curing, this device empowers you to create flawless, long-lasting gel manicures and pedicures. This professional nail lamp comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, simply return it within 30 days. 

Advanced UV LED Technology for Quick and Safe Curing

Equipped with advanced UV LED technology, the SUN X10 MAX Nail Lamp ensures rapid and efficient curing of gel polish. The dual light source emits a safe and gentle light that cures your nails evenly and thoroughly. Experience faster curing times and improved longevity of your manicures with this innovative device.

Smart Sensor Technology for Effortless Operation

The SUN X10 MAX UV LED Nail Lamp features smart sensor technology that automatically detects when your hand is placed inside the lamp. As soon as you insert your hand, the lamp activates, and the countdown timer begins. This hands-free operation allows for hassle-free curing and ensures consistent and reliable results every time

45 Long-Lasting LED Bulbs 

Featuring long-lasting LED bulbs, the SUN X10 MAX Nail Lamp guarantees reliable and energy-efficient performance. Say goodbye to frequent bulb replacements and high energy bills. With this lamp, you can enjoy countless manicures and pedicures while saving both time and money.

Compatible with all major gel polish brands, the SUN X10 MAX Nail Lamp is versatile and accommodating. No matter your preferred gel polish, this lamp ensures optimal curing results. Its broad compatibility expands your options and allows you to experiment with a wide range of colours and finishes. 

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