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Nail Table Mat

Nail Table Mat

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Disposable Nail Table Protector - Dental Bibs - Tattoo Table Mat

Nail Supplies Australia brings you disposable nail table mats that boast amazing quality. The material is soft, close to the skin, and provides a comfortable touch. These nail mats serve the dual purpose of keeping your nail table clean and ensuring comfort while you work.

  • Disposable Design, Clean, and Hygienic: The disposable design ensures cleanliness and hygiene during your nail sessions. The material is positively charged with great water absorption. The reverse side features a waterproof coating, preventing liquid penetration on the desktop. These mats effectively absorb dust generated during manicures.

  • Clean and Hygienic Design: The disposable nature of these mats ensures cleanliness and hygiene. They possess excellent absorbent properties for liquids, inks, and moisture. The poly films provide a waterproof layer, and the surface, with level embossing, helps prevent liquid or moisture from spreading to clothing or other surfaces.

  • Composite Membrane Construction: Made of 2-Ply Tissue + 1-Ply polyethylene film backing (Water Resistant Layer), these mats are strong and absorbent. The bottom layer acts as an impermeable barrier, preventing pigments from penetrating the tabletop. This ensures a clean and sanitary workspace, free from contamination.

  • Dust Absorption: The mats efficiently absorb dust generated during polishing in a manicure. They are economical, disposable, and contribute to safety and hygiene.

  • Ideal for Professionals and Beginners: Perfect for both professional manicurists and beginners, these mats are also suitable for professional tattoo artists, nail salons, beauty parlors, spas, personal manicure pedicures, and DIY nail art at home. They promise a pleasant and hygienic nail-doing experience.

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