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Nail Supplies Au

Nail Supplies Australia Gel Polish Remover

Nail Supplies Australia Gel Polish Remover

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Remove Gel Polish Fast 

Nail Supplies Australia's Gel Polish remover is the ultimate solution to removing gel polish, acrylic, or BIAB nails. Nail Supplies Australia Gel Polish Remover is the ultimate solution for effortlessly rejuvenating your nails. With a fast-acting formula, this product is your ticket to saving time and money while maintaining nail perfection. Say goodbye to stubborn gel polish and hello to nails that shine with a natural, healthy glow.

    Effortless Gel Polish Removal

    Nail Supplies Australia Gel Polish Remover is a versatile nail care superhero. It not only removes gel polish but also MMA Nails, Acrylic Nails, Gel Nails, BIAB Nails, and Soft Gel Nails. The easy-to-follow steps will leave your nails looking stunning:

    1. File Off the Top Coat: Start by gently filing off the top coat of your nails, ensuring gel polish is exposed.
    2. Protect Your Cuticles: Apply a peel-off base around your nails to safeguard your delicate cuticles from any contact with the remover.
    3. Apply Gel Polish Remover: Shake the bottle and generously apply our fast-acting gel polish remover, which starts working its magic instantly.
    4. Wait 5 Minutes: Give it just 5 minutes, and you'll see the gel polish softening and ready for removal.
    5. Scrape Off Gel Polish: With the help of a cuticle pusher, gently and easily scrape off the softened gel polish, revealing your natural, beautiful nails underneath.

    Salon Or Home Use 

    Nail Supplies Australia Gel Polish Remover can be used in a salon saving you time and money, or this product can be used for home use if you want to remove your gel nails and go for a more natural look. 

    Shipping Times 

    Nail Supplies Australia products are ready to ship with a same-day dispatch from our Brisbane warehouse. Express Shipping takes 1 to 3 days. Click & Collect Brisbane. 

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