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Nail Supplies Australia Black Gel Polish

Nail Supplies Australia Black Gel Polish

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HEMA-FREE Gel Polish 

Introducing the Nail Supplies Australia Black Gel Nail Polish, your ticket to a world of stunning, dramatic nails. Dive into the sophistication of deep, lustrous black with our high-quality, long-lasting gel nail polish. Here's why this exceptional product deserves a place in your collection:

Inky Perfection: Experience the allure of true black like never before. Our gel nail polish offers a rich, deeply pigmented shade that guarantees to make a bold statement. Say goodbye to translucent or dull blacks; this one-coat wonder will have your nails gleaming with a flawless, opaque finish.

Lasting Elegance: We understand the value of time and money. That's why our Black Gel Nail Polish is engineered for longevity. Enjoy up to 45 days of wear without chipping or fading. Your nails will maintain their black beauty, ensuring you look effortlessly chic every day.

Quality You Can Trust

At Nail Supplies Australia, quality is our promise, and it's evident in every bottle of our Black Gel Nail Polish. Here's why choosing a HEMA-Free formula makes all the difference:

Health-Conscious: We prioritize your well-being. HEMA (Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate) is a common ingredient in many gel nail polishes but is known to cause allergies. Our HEMA-Free formula ensures that your nails stay safe and healthy, even after repeated use.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee: Nail Supplies Australia stands behind its gel polish, so if you are unsatisfied in any way please send it back within 30 days for a full refund.

Effortless Beauty at Your Fingertips

We believe in making beauty accessible to everyone. That's why our Black Gel Nail Polish is designed with a high-quality built-in nail brush, ensuring that you can achieve salon-worthy results with ease. Here's why you'll love applying our gel polish:

Streak-Free Brilliance: Our innovative nail brush guarantees a streak-free application, every time. Say goodbye to uneven, messy nails. With just one coat, you'll achieve an impeccably smooth, flawless finish that's sure to turn heads.

Time-Saving Magic:  Our gel polish is highly pigmented and only needs one coat, saving you precious time and money. No more applying coat after coat to get the desired colour. 

Shipping Times 

Nail Supplies Australia products are ready to ship with a same-day dispatch from our Brisbane warehouse. Express Shipping takes 1 to 3 days. Click & Collect Brisbane. 

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