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Nail Supplies Australia Base Gel Top Coat Set

Nail Supplies Australia Base Gel Top Coat Set

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The Nail Artist Choice 

Nail Supplies Australia Base & Top coat is the best choice if you want your nails to last longer and look their best. Nail Supplies Australia's Base gel will make sure your gel polish has the best foundation for your gel polish, and the top coat will seal in the colour for weeks longer than other brands. 

Base Coat 

Unveil the true potential of your nails with Nail Supplies Australia Base Coat. Elevate your nail game and experience the magic of long-lasting, stunning manicures. Our base coat is meticulously formulated to bring out the natural beauty of your nails and enhance your gel polish.

Gel Polish's Best Friend

Are you tired of your gel polish chipping away after just a few days? Say goodbye to the frustration with Nail Supplies Australia Base Coat. Our base coat is specially designed to be the perfect companion for your gel nail polish, ensuring that your gorgeous nail art lasts longer and looks flawless.

HEMA-Free Formula 

Our HEMA-Free Base Coat not only adds longevity to your manicure but also strengthens your nails from within. Say farewell to ridges and welcome smoother, healthier nails with our revolutionary formula.

Top Coat

Looking for that perfect finishing touch to elevate your nail game? Nail Supplies Australia Top Coat is your ultimate secret weapon for nail perfection. Get ready to experience a manicure that not only looks incredible but also lasts for up to 45 days! Dive into the world of unparalleled nail shine, durability, and safety.

Shine That Lasts

Are you tired of your gel nail polish chipping or peeling after just a few days? Nail Supplies Australia has formulated a Top Coat designed to keep your nails brilliantly shiny and chip-free for weeks. Imagine having a chip-resistant, glossy finish that stays intact for up to 45 days. Nail Supplies Australia’s top coat brings out the colour of your gel polish and makes sure your nail art stays flawless for longer.

HEMA Free Formula 

We understand that your health is as important as your beauty. That's why our Nail Supplies Australia Top Coat is formulated without harmful HEMA. You can enjoy stunning, vibrant nails without worrying about toxic chemicals. With our top coat, your nails remain gorgeous and safe.

Shipping Times 

Nail Supplies Australia products are ready to ship with a same-day dispatch from our Brisbane warehouse. Express Shipping takes 1 to 3 days. Click & Collect Brisbane. 




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