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Cuticle Pusher Set

Cuticle Pusher Set

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Premium Grade Steel Cuticle Pusher Set 

Bid farewell to ragged cuticles and hello to a polished perfectionist's paradise! This exquisite 4-piece cuticle pusher set is your gateway to salon-quality nails, right at your fingertips. Crafted from sleek, surgical-grade stainless steel, these tools boast unparalleled durability and glide effortlessly over your nail beds, gently coaxing back overgrown cuticles for a seamless, elongated nail canvas.

Nail the Art of Effortless Maintenance

Forget the days of fumbling with flimsy wooden sticks or scraping at stubborn hangnails with blunt clippers. This meticulously curated set offers four unique tools, each designed to tackle a specific cuticle conundrum. The ultra-thin pusher gently nudges back even the most delicate overgrowth, while the spoon-shaped tool effortlessly lifts and removes stubborn debris. The pointed end tackles those pesky corners with precision, and the nipper delivers clean, controlled clipping for hangnails that refuse to budge. 

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